We are actively seeking partnerships with nonprofits, education institutions, and individuals interested in supporting the aim of lifelong awe and discovery. 

Gail and Geoff | Gail Overstreet

An English professor, nature writer, and amateur astronomer, I live at the crossroads of art and science. I'm a quote-hound and a rock-hound; a teacher and a citizen-scientist. I look to both the stars and to paintings for inspiration.

We spend each night looking at the cosmos - into deep space where awe lives.

My husband, Geoff, is a systems engineer by day and astrophotographer by night. He uses both sides of his brain to produce colorful images of the universe - looking for artful beauty in the heavens while building his skills in space physics.

Integrity and kindness are two of our strongest guiding values. When we moved here, the first person we met was our 85-year-old neighbor, a Swiss man we have endearingly named Grandpa Joe. He told us: "We help each other here." And through his example, we aspire to live that credo every day.


We aim to work with other progressive-minded individuals and organizations - capitalizing on our collective strengths - to offer experiences of awe, wonder, and discovery for both adults and children.


Partner projects

Museum of the Central Sierra

Contributed consulting and guidance on historical, cultural, geographical and geological curriculum for K-12 school programs for Museum of the Central Sierra, to include alignment to Common Core and NextGen Standards.

Giants & Stars - A Photo Adventure

To benefit Spectrum Art Gallery - home to a vital nonprofit photographic community in the Central Valley of California - we designed, developed, and implemented a full-day photography workshop in two parts: Exploring the Giant Sequoia, and presenting/teaching Astrophotography basics.