Photo: Ning Fan

Photo: Ning Fan

I live in an Ecotone, a region located in-between two distinct mountain zones.

Here, you see chaparral - the collective shrubby mix of manzanita, oaks, and other thorny, dry brush in the foothill zone - as well as the Ponderosa Pine, Incense Cedar, and other pines that scent the air with fresh Christmas, make up the higher alpine zone.  

There is a wildlife trail alongside the north side of our home, where deer, fox, and (rarely, thank God) mountain lions migrate up the mountain – out of the oppressive valley heat in the summer, and back down to the foothills in the winter. 

Both in a literal and metaphorical sense, living "in between" has been a lifelong element of my True North. 


Here, the rhythms are intuitive and complementary – they make sense, without even trying to.


Living here has made me more awake - to nature, yes, but also to life.

Ripe with metaphor, this place - in a tiny corner of the cosmos - is a birthplace for awe. It has changed the way I see everything: art, cities, other places I travel to, and the dynamics of human nature.

My hope is for this site to serve as a connecting point to others for collaborative projects, whether focused on the various sciences, art, culture – the more diverse the better!

So welcome - I’m glad you’re here.